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Welcome to 2019!

I think I'm not alone in feeling like 2018 was a rough year to get through. There were so many challenges to face and I needed to do extra acts of self care to make it through, though I was better for it in the end.

That said, I feel inspired by the hard times. I feel inspired by the work I had to do to.

Now that I am in a whole new year, there are things I'd like to do based on the lessons learned from last year. Here is a list of a few of the intentions I've been thinking of for this year.

1) To show myself more love. I am deserving of love, especially from myself.

2) To trust myself. My intuition and my knowledge.

2) To enjoy the outdoors more. I feel infinitely better when I'm surrounded by fresh air and sunshine.

3) To take time to show my loved ones attention. There are people in my life that, without their unwavering support, I could never succeed. I want to keep them closer in the future and show them as much love and support as they do me.

4) To schedule my time so that I better use my work time and I can enjoy my free time (but be open to the spontaneous).

5) To declutter and downsize. I can often feel bogged down with clutter and things. I've been working on ridding myself of belongings that hold no value and are just in the way. I want to keep this up in the new year and create a living space I love to be in.

5) To relish living. To see more, to feel more, to taste more.

6) To learn more so that I might offer more. Especially the Childbirth Educator course I'm signed up in. I love to teach and share information with others.

7) To make a difference in my community.

The last one is so important to me. Ever since I was a little girl, I've wanted to help people. To make people smile and feel good. To be a Doula wasn't exactly the plan (it rather found me), but I see now how this path has opened up to a place where I can support people in my community who are vulnerable and are facing tough personal experiences. I had thought I was leaving behind working with people experiencing mental health and addiction challenges in exchange for birth work, but now it seems that I have found my place in doing both. I have found my place. I want to create something meaningful and lasting that will have benefits now and far into the future.

That is where I am coming into 2019. It feels like the culmination of so much struggle and living, but also a starting point that is fresh and new. A little unsure and a little far-too-ready.

Do you have intentions for this year? How are you feeling about where you are and where you are going? I hope you find inspiration around you to make this year lovely and full.

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