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Pets: The anti-work

Having two animals can make working at home a little difficult.

Well, what is so hard about that, Dina? I mean, don't cats nap 23 hours a day? Can't your dog amuse itself for a while?


No. Well, maybe if I had absolutely nothing else to do. If I was bored, yes. They would suddenly drop off into comas and sleep...until I decided to try and get some stuff done. Then BeBe wants to play ball and Biscuit decides that she has to sit on my desk and lay across my keyboard.

I finally had to put Biscuit down on the floor to keep her from tripping some kind of self destruction code in my laptop. She is not amused. BeBe is asleep, finally, but depressed that I noticed the cat.

I'm trying to backup my work onto a USB stick, which I remember being a lot easier than it seems right now. I have quite a bit of document files, but even so... One of the files refuses to copy, which is just irritating.

I also thought I had a lead on a client, but it didn't pan out in a very strange way. I won't get into it, but it is a reminder that because I have myself out there on the web now, I have to be somewhat careful. It's a little unfortunate, but things will work out and get going soon enough.

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