Oh my gosh, life..

Updated: Mar 26, 2018

It's funny how everything can come together and still be a huge tangled mess.

It's sort of like my room. Everything is here, but it's all a jumble of odds and ends. Well, especially since I'm trying to clear out the junk and make room for a small (big?) business. I'm at the half way point, where it looks worse than it did before I started. I know it will look really nice when I finish, but right now it has me frazzled. (I feel like that was deep. Was that deep?)

I got a birth ball! I picked up some stuff we needed around the house and threw a few things in my cart I needed for my birth bag (rolling luggage). I also found some tennis balls and a good, thick pair of men's socks to match up. I doubled the socks together so that the tennis balls can provide pressure, but not in a painful way.

Right now, I'm organizing a lot of paperwork. Coming up with ideas for info packets to hand out to clients and articles that seem helpful for starting up this type of business. I also found where all of the Kingston Doulas are hiding. It's really wonderful, because I don't feel nearly so alone. It's terrible...that lonely feeling. I like to be able to reach out to someone who knows when I have no idea what I am doing.

It's a lot of work, but I'm really happy. Hard work never feels that hard when you love it.

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