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Legacy Projects (Free Download)

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

One of the things that people think about after a loved one dies is how best to honour their memory or give meaning to their death.

A sometimes simple way to do this is through legacy projects. A legacy project is a way to carry on the projects that were important to the dead or to create memory pieces through art or crafts.

One example of a legacy project is a family quilt. Many families may already have one! If not, this can be a wonderful way for a family to come together and either use the skills they already have, learn a new skill together, or pass down skills to a new generation while remembering those who have died. The recently dead can have their name or initials added to a square. You could even change the craft and create a crocheted blanket if that is easier and more to your taste! This is a very sweet, family-based craft to use to remember and honour very special people.

An even easier project that I loved when someone shared it with me is a Geocaching pod. They had experienced an infant loss and wanted a way to share their beautiful baby with their community. They put up a pod with tiny toys inside that people could take, as well as small, business card-sized cards. They explain the significance of the cache, their baby's name, and their hope that their baby will find life in the remembrance of their community.

These are just two possible ways to use activities and the arts to preserve the memories of our loved ones after they die. There are so many more ways that people use to help them do this and to help them move forward in grieving their loss. I've created a download of some of the ideas I've heard and would love to share with you. I hope they will help you to start thinking ahead about how to remember your special people, or maybe even how you will want your people to remember you! Check out the link below and let me know what you would add to the list!

Legacy Projects
Download PDF • 5.05MB

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