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I'm a Doula!

I did it! Today was day two of my Doula workshop and it was just as amazing as the first day. I feel like I learned everything that I had questions about. Actually, if you are interested in being a Doula, and you are in Ontario, check out to see if there are any planned workshops near you.

I'm actually super nervous about getting started. Not so much the business side of things, but getting into the swing of things and learning how to provide services in a way that is both successful and me.

Maybe it really isn't even the births or the comfort measures, but the connections I will have to make with people. Will I be able to build the trust and easiness between myself and the mother that will allow me to help her as best I can? I will just have to believe that I can.

Anyways, now I can order my certification pack and get started on it.

Once I get the package, I can start being a Doula for Moola.

A Doula for You-la? So you don't have to Doul'all on your own!

...I'll see myself out.

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