I just need another nap...

Today should be a day of resting, but this week has been so crazy and stressful. I feel like I spent enough time distracted/napping that I need to play catch up today.

I've done a lot of paperwork. So much paperwork. Just when I think I can move onto a group of less important documents, I think of another thing that I just HAVE to include in packages for prenatal visits or record keeping. I also find that I am getting inspiration everywhere. I was watching a commercial yesterday and I had to jump up and run to my room to make a note, because it made me think of something else I should do.

Since when is paperwork so entertaining? (Listen, it is! Stop looking at me like that.)

I do wish that people in my life realized that just because I am home doesn't mean that I am not busy and working. I've had a lot of extra time the past few months, but now I really don't. (Not in a going-to-burn-out way, though.) I have so much to create and get up and running, it's nuts. But I love it and I need to be able to focus. I even tried putting a changeable sign on my door. I bet it will work...any day now. Any day.

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