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Being a Member of My Community

I think there are many levels to 'community'. There are the communities we know on a more intimate level and those that are very large. We grow up in neighbourhoods in towns or cities and we are also a part of a global community. I think it is important to be an active member, a caring member, at all of the levels.

It is easiest to start small. To be a good neighbour. To know your neighbours and to let them know you. To offer your skills when they are in need of them.

What started me thinking about this is how the position of the healer has really become a member of their communities that is rather removed. They are held so high above those that they serve that they have become almost unreachable. A healer really should be valued, but not with so much distance from the people they help. They should be able to work with care, compassion, interest in their clients, an open mind, and warmth.

This is what I want to be for my clients. I want to be a member of my community that brings comfort, reassurance, warmth, education, and a helping hand where it is needed. I want to know the people who live around me and I want to be present when the newest, and littlest, members of our world arrive. I want to help people find their voices and speak up for their needs and desires. I want to hear the stories of my neighbours and honour their experiences.

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