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Getting Sexy Back

I was recently asked: How do I feel sexy again? My body has changed from my pregnancy and I'm just feeling so unsexy.

This is entirely common! Not everyone feels like this, but it happens.

It's true that your body will change with pregnancy and motherhood changes how you see yourself right down to the core. So much is going on with your life, feeling sexy and beautiful can frequently take a back seat.

So what can we do to help ourselves feel sexy?

1) Praise your body! Your wonderful, life-giving body. Start with the parts that you love the most. Look at them. Describe them in positive terms. Tell them what you love about them! Once you are feeling good about that, start showing the love to other parts.

2) Move that body! Turn on the music and get yourself moving around! Dance, shake, and circle those hips! Moving and exercising is good for the body and soul. It releases endorphins, which Elle Woods wisely tells us make us happy.

3) Dress that body! Put on your favourite clothes. You know the ones. The ones that you feel like a million bucks in. The ones that make you feel desirable. Show yourself that you deserve to feel desirable by presenting yourself as desirable!

4) Show luxury to that body! Give yourself a spa day. Get a massage and enjoy the feeling of being pampered. Let someone else take care of your skin, nails, and muscles. Indulge and know that you are worth it.

5) Give pleasure to that body! Whether with someone, or all on your own, touch your body like it is the temple of pleasure and sensuality that it is!

No matter what you try, remember that feeling sexy is about finding things that feel amazing to you and then keep doing them! Put aside time for yourself. Ask for the time you need, even just an hour a week, and show yourself a lot of love. You deserve it!

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