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Life, Loss, and Death.

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Dina the Doula Full-Spectrum Doula Services!


I provide Birth, Bereavement, and Death Doula support to people and families in Kingston, Ontario.

I specialize in:

  • Supporting clients through pregnancy and infant loss

  • Providing Doula support for Rainbow Baby births

  • Planning and being present through end-of-life experiences of children and their families

  • Supporting loss through child apprehensions or failed adoptions

I also have backgrounds in supporting:

  • Clients with mental health/addiction challenges

  • Plus-size clients

  • LGBTQ+ clients


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All of my consultations are now online. You can chat with me about your support needs in your most cozy PJs and with your favourite drink and snack!


I am the Director of Programming for Doula Support Foundation! Expect to see amazing things coming soon to our community! For more information on that, visit:

“Just as a person's heart knows how and when to pump, their lungs to inhale, and their hand to pull back from fire, so they know when and how to give birth.”. -Adapted from Virginia Di Orio
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